Flik Fastfoot

Light fast pickpocket


Kinetic: 3 Chi: 27
Magic: 1 Manna:
Faith: Synergy:

Res:42 Enc: 28 Age: 14

CRD: 6
RSP: 10
HLT: 6
VIT: 6
MUS: 4
STM: 6
CHR: 2
WLP: 2
RSN: 4
SAN: 4
INT: 6
PER: 6
APP: 3

Feather frame: -4 size 1 Reactions +1 athletics +1 Evasion, Lithe Build: -4 size +1 reactions +1 stamina -1 mus +1 Athletics, Accelerated Healing -4, Ambidexterity -4, Toxin resistance -5, Calaclif immunity -2, Connection: Salamanders guild (access to poison at 500 silvers per dose.), Familiarity knives -1, Good luck-1, Prejudice nobility -1, Phobia falling (mild) +1, Tithe 10% (salamanders guild)1, Dyslexic +2, Noble sense: for one ap for one hour you gain the ability to detect people with either some kind of power (magic, political, overly confident) and large wealth.

Animal handling1+1, Appraising1+1, Climbing1+3, evasion4+4, Jumping1+3, Feyloise1+1, Manna Sense1+2, Melee1+1, Running3+4, Propel2+2, Sleight of hand2+3, Streetwise3+1, Style Dirty fighting1+3,Open locks1+2, ID+Disarm1+2, Swimming1+2.


2 doses of salamander poison


Born to a dockside whore and a mysterious father Flik has lived on the streets since he was 4, having been adopted by a small street gang. As he grew older he moved on and began work for the Salamanders. He was a street rat, a cut purse and a bag boy. He did petty theft, paying his tithe to the Salamanders each week. As he grew older he estranged himself from the other boys and girl’s his age, having an odd aptitude for both spotting maugi and very wealthy targets. This drove the other children to become jealous of him, and for the Salamanders to recognize his strengths. Over the course of the years Flik was caught twice by the authorities, being let off with a theif’s mark tattoo and a warning each time. His next arrest however, would either end up with heavy labor… or death.

Fleeing his home city in fear of the labor camps and chopping block the youth set out inland, using his Salamander connections to do odd jobs and keep himself alive.

Flik Fastfoot

Heirs of Urahi Karrosken