Paitr Lerness

Orphan of a former noble line


Kinetic: 4 Chi:
Magic: Manna:
Faith: Synergy:

Res: 32 Enc: 21 Age: 12

CRD: 4
RSP: 6
HLT: 3
VIT: 4
MUS: 3
STM: 3
CHR: 4
WLP: 4
RSN: 3
SAN: 5
INT: 5
PER: 4
APP: 4

21 ENC 32 RES
Lerness blade 3 AM, 7 dam, +1 cs 10/5 ENC
Knives (thrown) 2 AM, 3 dam, +2 cs 4 ENC (each)
Leather Jerkin 4 PV, 40 PR, 10 ENC

Good luck, conviction 1, Toughned 1, Sound mind (+1 against fear, horror, panic), Familiarity swords, small thrown

Evade2+1, Propel1, Melee1, Theology1, lore:mizeras1, running1+1, Team Tactics1, Ettiquette1, Empathy1, Lore:Border kingdoms1, CLimbing1, Jumping1, Swimming1.

Leather Jerkin, Lerness blade, 2 knives, wineskin, sleeping cloak, basic clothes, 20 silvers.


Paitr is the last in the line of a fallen noble home that was destroyed in warfare. His equipment is the last of what was in his family’s treasures. Since the death of his parents he has been raised within the church of Mizeras. He has almost no memory of his parents but honors them in his daily prayers.

Paitr Lerness

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